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We approach projects with the intention to achieve excellence in the work we do, and in the experience we create with both our team members and clients - we always look for an opportunity to go the extra mile.


We do the right thing no matter what, and are clear and upfront when challenges arise.


We create the best outcome possible by always equipping an upbeat and positive attitude.


We anticipate and act with confidence when approaching challenges.


We take responsibility and action to ensure the best result for our team, our clients, and our community where ever we are.


We hold to our core values allowing us to live with purpose and act with intention - creating fulfillment, opportunity, and freedom that will change the lives of us and the people around us for the better.

The Alphawash Promise

Our promise to you is to always provide an excellent personal experience and service that is professional, clear, and enjoyable.

Our Story

I’d like to invite you to read our story and what makes ALPHAWASH Special.

When Justin was 15 years old, he started pressure washing houses in the afternoons after school. This gave him the idea to start his first business,
South Alabama Pressure Washing
“South Alabama Pressure Washing”, which was located in his hometown, Monroeville, AL.

He continued pressure washing during his last 3 years of highschool, which gave him the opportunity to grow a successful business. During this time, Justin was offered a scholarship from the University of Montevallo, to be on the bass fishing team. He decided to take the opportunity to move to the Birmingham area at 19 years old (2017). In the move to Birmingham, he chose to bring the pressure washing business with him. He decided it would be best to change the name of his business to “Central Alabama Pressure Washing”.

House and Roof Washing Company 2
House and Roof Washing Company
A new challenge arose from moving to a new area, no connections. This made things very slow for the business in the beginning. Justin decided to take all of his college courses online, in order to spend each day going door to door handing out flyers. The persistence started to pay off, as he slowly started to land his first couple of jobs in the area. For the next 4 years, Justin continued to pressure wash and take online courses until graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2020. Through his studies, he learned the proper ways to run a business, which focused on customer satisfaction and personalized experience. As our company grew in knowledge, we also grew in numbers. We now have INCREDIBLE team members that are trained from the experiences that Justin went through during his 9 years of washing. After graduating college, Justin decided to stick with the business that had gotten him this far. He decided to do one final rebrand from “Central Alabama Pressure Washing” to “ALPHAWASH”.
House and Roof Washing Company 3
Justin’s goal is to build ALPHAWASH into a fully systematized franchise that can be sold to other entrepreneurs across the U.S.

AlphaWash House and Roof Washing Service In Birmingham Our Story

Justin Barnes, Founder & CEO of AlphaWash

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