Birmingham Zoo

Founded in 1955, the Birmingham Zoo is located in Birmingham, Alabama. With its impressive collection of animals, the zoo is a popular attraction for both children and adults. The zoo also features a number of unique programs to help protect the animal population. Click here for more info.

African lions welcomed a litter of five cubs

Earlier this month, Birmingham Zoo announced the birth of five African lion cubs. The cubs are the first litter born at the zoo in nearly a decade. They were born to African lioness Dunia and her partner Hubert.

African lioness Dunia and her partner Hubert welcomed four cubs on September 26. The African lioness is a first-time mom. The cubs weighed four to six pounds at birth. They are now learning to nurse from a bottle. They are also receiving fluid therapy.

Birmingham Zoo is planning events to celebrate the cubs’ first birthday. They will be featured in educational keeper chats at 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Visitors will get to meet the cubs and get a special treat when supplies last. They will also receive a party crown when they visit.

Ku Klux Klans visited the zoo

During the civil rights movement, the Ku Klux Klan played a large role in Birmingham’s history. The group bombed the city’s first African American church in 1963. That act, along with other major events, led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The Ku Klux Klan became active in the 1950s, responding to pressure from the federal government to integrate schools. Most Klansmen were middle-aged white working class Protestants. They supported segregation in public schools, restaurants, and transportation systems.

The Klan is also remembered for its racial violence, which lasted for decades. The modern Ku Klux Klan terrorized supporters of the modern civil rights movement in the South. A number of prominent Klansmen were brought to justice during the 2000s.

The modern Ku Klux Klan was resurrected in the 1950s, and violence in rural Alabama rose in response to external pressure to integrate schools. Klansmen attacked hundreds of black churches in the area. Some even used dynamite to destroy buildings. More about Birmingham here.

Boo at the Zoo

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, the Birmingham Zoo is a zoological park that hosts a variety of interesting events and activities throughout the year. In 2006, the zoo drew more than 470,000 visitors. It is also home to a variety of exotic and endangered species.

The zoo’s main attraction is the Trails of Africa exhibit. This is where you can see over 400 animals from around the world. You can also ride on the Eerie Express Train and experience the Spider Slide.

The zoo also hosts the Glow Wild: An Animal Lantern Celebration. This event takes place on select nights in December. It features jaw-dropping lanterns and a protective life carousel.

Boo at the Zoo is the zoo’s annual Halloween celebration. This event is fun for the whole family. The event runs from October 30 to December 1. The zoo has themed rides and carnival games. Guests are encouraged to wear family friendly costumes.

Rental spaces available

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, the Birmingham Zoo is a must see for the whole family. It’s also an excellent venue for any number of special events. There are several rental spaces to choose from, including a large and impressive barn-style animal exhibit and a secluded wooded area. The zoo also has a number of activities to entertain your guests, including walkabouts and animal greetings. Moreover, the zoo has ample parking. Whether you’re bringing the whole family or just a few close friends, the Birmingham Zoo is an enjoyable way to spend a day.

Aside from the zoo, Birmingham has an extensive network of parks and other recreational facilities. The Birmingham Museum of Art and the Birmingham Botanical Garden are only a few miles from the zoo, and the Birmingham Botanical Garden offers free admission on Sundays.

Species survival programs

Species survival programs at Birmingham Zoo Birmingham AL involve the breeding and care of endangered species of animals. They also provide educational activities for the community. The zoo depends on the support of individuals, foundations, and corporations to carry out its mission.

The Birmingham Zoo participates in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plans. These programs are designed to protect and maintain the genetic diversity of species in North America. It also has partnerships with international conservation organizations. The zoo also carries out research studies to learn more about the impact of animals on humans.

The Birmingham Zoo recently acquired two male African elephants. These elephants were originally from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. These animals will live at the zoo and will teach Luti and Gadze about being a bull elephant. Check our next area of interest here.



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