Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, High pressure should never be used when cleaning a roof as this will cause granular loss. We use a soft washing process that utilizes biodegradable chemicals sprayed at low pressures (under 150 psi). We follow all shingle manufacturer guidelines to ensure your roof is cleaned in a safe, effective manner.

Soft washing utilizes biodegradable chemicals sprayed at low pressures (under 150 psi). Softwashing kills the source of the organic growth, and keeps it cleaner up to 8x longer than pressure washing. Pressure washing utilizes high pressure water with no chemicals to remove dirt, grime, algae, etc. Although pressure washing can make a surface clean for a little while, it does not keep the organic growth gone for as long as the soft-wash. Pressure washing does not kill the source of the organic growth.

We use a mixture of sodium hypochlorite, water, and surfactants when washing houses, roofs, and driveways.

Yes, we take property protection very seriously at Alphawash. We have many different systems in place to ensure your property and plants remain safe during our washing process.

The Alpha House Wash includes everything, from the face of the gutters all the way down to the ground. This includes eves, soffits, fascia, gutter faces, window sills, and all siding.

Yes, we have the ability to soft-wash about 5 stories high while standing on the ground.

Yes, we will need access to a working spigot to complete the job.

Removing Gloeocapsa Magma that eats away at roofing tiles.
Exposing areas of damage in need of immediate repair.
Removing corrosive residues from shingles.
Reducing silt and mud that winds up in a home’s gutters.
Restoring the original color of a roof.
Can reduce overall electricity usage.
Can prolong the life of your roof.

Yes this is possible, if one is not professionally trained on the proper way to wash a house. Our Soft-wash process uses a high volume of water sprayed at a low pressure, so you do not have to worry about water being forced under the siding.

Yes, we will do a partial roof cleaning. When we do a full roof wash, we provide a 2 year guaranteed clean warranty, meaning if any black spots return within 2 years we will come take care of it for free. We do not provide this warranty on partial roofwashes, because even if you can not see the algae on one side of the roof, it is still growing on that side. If all of the algae is not treated, it will grow back much quicker than a full roof wash.

Absolutely, I will send you some screen shots of recent reviews that our customers left for us.

Unfortunately, we don’t do ballpark estimates, but our estimates are free and do not take long at all. We’d love to get you an exact quote for your property.

Absolutely, we offer 3 different package deals. Our three packages are the Alpha Standard package (5% off), Alpha Deluxe Package (10% off), Alpha Premium Package (15% off).

Back porches and decks are not included with the house wash, because it requires a different process to clean them than the house.

The black streaks that you see on your are called Gloeocapsa Magma. Gloeocapsa Magma is a type of algae that grows on your roof. The more moisture you have around your home, the worse it will grow.

No, we take property protection very seriously at Alphawash. We have many different systems in place to ensure your property and plants remain safe during our washing process.

For roofs, a soft wash treatment will last 2-4 years. For houses and driveways, it usually lasts 1-2 years.

Yes, if you are not happy with our work, you do not have to pay a dime.

Yes the vines can be removed, but it will leave small black dots where the roots of the vine were embedded into the house. There is not a way to safely remove these roots.

Yes, Softwashing is mainly for organic growth like mold, algae, moss, etc. The types of stains that softwashing does not remove includes red clay stains, rust stains, oil stains, and paint stains. We have different types of processes to remove the other types of stains.

We would love to show you! Our team is always happy to provide you with a free demo.

NO! The difference in pressure washing companies can vary greatly. Some businesses are unlicensed, uninsured, and are not professionally trained.

When you hire a professional to clean your home, you are buying back your time. This means instead of spending your saturday soaking wet and muddy, you get to spend your saturday doing what you want to do. When you hire a professional you know that the job is going to be completed correctly.

Yes, sometimes dirt dobber nests can leave a small orange stain.

No, we can take care of it while you are away doing your own thing.

You can move your things if you’d like, but if you are unable to move them, our team will move them and replace them after they are finished.

We request that customers park either in their garage, or out on the curb of the road.

Rain does not affect our house washing or concrete cleaning process. However, we do not do roof washes during the rain.

Yes, soft-washing works great on wooden houses.

Vinyl, dryvit, stucco, hardie board, vinyl, wood siding, stone, brick, metal, and more.

Yes, as long as it is a painted metal roof. The only type of metal roofs that we can not clean are silver galvanized roofs.

At Alphawash, we know how sensitive stained wood doors can be. This is why we have a system in place to completely seal wooden doors to prevent any discoloration.

No, our team always covers cameras to ensure they are protected.

No, each cleaning service has its own specific process that is required.

Most residential jobs can be completed within one day.

Yes, if you put too much pressure on concrete, it can etch it. We use surface cleaners when cleaning concrete that prevent damage from occuring.

The main thing that separates AlphaWash is our focus on customer experience. It’s no secret that most home service companies don’t have the best reputation when it comes to providing a great customer experience. Our business is structured in a way that makes customer experience our number one priority.

Check, cash, or credit card/

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.

The north facing side of your house and roof are always going to be the dirtiest sides of the house. This is mainly due to the fact that this side of the house stays in the shade for most of the day. Shade can cause the algae to grow thicker.

Our soft washing process kills the moss turning it white. The white moss will flake off on its own over the next few weeks.

No, we have a system in place where all gutter down spouts are bagged up to catch all of the runoff from the roof.

Each roof is different, and it is up to our technicians to determine the best way to clean each roof. We can clean roofs from a ladder, the ground, and walking the roof. (if it is flat enough to walk)

No, our soft-washing process uses under 1,000 psi. This will not cause any damage to the brick or mortar.

Yes, we give a 10% military discount.

You will receive an automated text message when the technician is on the way to you.

Can alphawash blow off the leaves and pine straw off of my roof even if it doesn’t need cleaning?

You are not charged until the services are complete, and you have approved the work.

Yes, we can bring our own water. There is a water hauling fee that is applied if we have to bring our own water to the job site.

We can schedule jobs up to one year in advance.

If possible, we really like to meet with each client for in person estimates to make sure that we are taking care of your exact needs.

Our 3 main services are House washing, Roof Washing, and concrete cleaning. We also clean wooden decks, fences, paver stones, brick retaining walls, and more.

No, because our soft-washing processes would leave parts of the house clean and parts dirty. Therefore we only offer full house washing.

Yes, we’d be happy to as long as it is a safe surface for us to clean.

Yes, this is one of the main reasons to keep concrete clean. Dirty concrete can be extremely wet when it rains.

Yes, we have processes to remove rust stains, clay stains, and other iron deposit stains.

Soft washing gets rid of the microbes that create tarnishing, whereas pressure washing merely washes off the surface layer. Furthermore, soft washing does not use destructive high pressure, unlike pressure washing, and soft washing treatments last much longer than pressure washing treatments.

Microbes such as mold, mildew, algae, lichen, and bacteria are accountable for the majority of discoloration on roofing systems as well as other surfaces. In addition, results of the metabolism of these microorganisms is acidic, and also destructive to surfaces such as roof shingles. Eradicating these microorganisms protects against staining and enhances the durability of roofings, fencings, and also decks.

While we aim to serve each of our customers with the highest level of service, we do ask that you do just a few things to prepare for our arrival: (1) Ensure all windows and doors are fully closed. (2) Bring inside any outdoor cushions or pillows that might could be damaged by the cleaning solution.

You should not see an increase of more than $50 on your monthly water bill.

Yes, algae, moss, and lichen eat away at the granules of your shingles.

Our team does not roll up our equipment until we make sure you are completely satisfied with our work.

Yes, we can do that, but the package discount will not be applicable.

Yes, we always take at least 5 before and after photos of each service.

Yes it can, similar to how a black car gets much hotter than lighter colored cars in the summer time.

Vertical lines on gutters “tiger stripes” will not be removed with our Softwash process. These vertical lines are a form of oxidation. Our softwash process treats organic growth only. We do not offer oxidation removal as a service.

Our softwash process DOES NOT remove oxidation from siding. If you rub your finger across the siding and it leaves a powdery residue on your finger, this means the siding is oxidized. We do not offer oxidation removal as a service.

On darker colored VINYL siding homes, there MAY be some water spots left on the siding as it dries. (Especially during warmer months)

On cedar siding or shutters, our softwash process WILL lighten the color of them.

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