Referral Program

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See something dirty?, Refer them to us, fill the form out on our site to let us know that you referred them to us. If we close the job, once the Job is complete, we will send you a referral fee of $50-$500, depending On the size of the job. We will also provide the person that you referred to us a 10% discount for our refer-a-friend program.


•  This program will offer 20% off for each neighbor that you can get to book the same day or before your Service. Each neighbor that you refer to will receive 10% off of their service. If you refer us 5 of your neighbors, and we book them all, Your service is FREE, that’s right FREE.

•  Mention to every client when booking them in.

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Alphawash Loyalty Program

Alphawash Loyalty Program

•   Each Past Customer will have eligibility to participate in our Customer Loyalty Program.

•   Each Customer will receive 50 points for every referral they send us whether we close the job or not.

•   All They Have to do is fill out the form on our website Letting us know who they referred to us.

  • Free services will be rewarded for referring friends.
    200 points =Free House Wash 0-3000 sq. ft
    300 points=Free House Wash 3000 + sq ft
    400 points=Free Driveway Cleaning 0-2000 sq ft
    500 points=Free driveway clearing 2000-4000 Sq. Ft
    600 points=Free driveway clearing 4000+ sqft
    700 points=Free Roof wash 0-2500 sq ft
    800 points=Free Roof Wash 2500-4500 sq ft
    900 points=Free Roof Wash 4500+ sq ft


Let Us Know Both of your Information and We can Reach out to them

Please input your personal information then your friends' in the next step.

Please input the information of the person you referred.

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